Sensors go off line

Hi, I know some people tried to tackle this issue last year but I seem to be having it now. My Bridge keeps failing to show the attached sensors to be “offline”

I reset the sensor, bridge, camera, and router - even put a high amperage power brick on it. I also notice that version .33 firmware keeps failing to complete its upgrade. Has anyone found a workaround?

Is that the bridge firmware? The .33 bridge firmware is the latest current version.

What kind of sensor? How many sensors? How close are they and what’s in between them and the bridge? What kind of camera is the bridge in?

I had connection issues where all my sensors showed off line but nightly restarts of the camera with the bridge fixed all that. Now I need to find battery’s to replace some dead ones, but travel is kind of limited these days.

Have you filled out a Support ticket yet? This forum is a community of fellow users. If you wanted to seek official Wyze support, give a Support ticket s try. But more information is better both here and there to help folks try and trouble shoot your issue.

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I have been having a problem with mine since the last firmware upgrade for the camera. I have .33 on the bridge. Beta firmware on the camera.

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