Wyze cam, Wyze sensor always go to Offline mode

Folks _ Is anyone experiencing this issue. My Wyze cam, wyze sensor and wyze bulbs with no reason go into offline mode randomly and are not available… I tried raising this issue with support and in fact exchanged for a new Wyze sensor, reset the cam and did everything. Anytime I do a reset it will hang on for couple of days and then automaticaly go into offline mode. I have RING equipment - Door bell and door sensor and never had a problem. I am a point of giving up on this as I have done everything support folks told me to do.
Is this just my equipment?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’ve read 2-3 other threads with the same issue.

Are the sensors within reasonable distance from the bridged cam?

Yes they are. The Wyze Pan cam and then bridge are in one place. One of the Wyze sensors is about ten ft and the garage sensor is about 20-25 ft. They were working earlier.

It randomly worked?

If no (they consistently worked), is there any sort of “event” that happened from when it did work till it didn’t work? (like a firmware upgrade)

Hmmmm. I’ve read in other posts that folks have issues running the bridge on the PanCam - if you have a V2, could you swap cams around and retest (using bridge in V2)

I’ve been having same issues with the Wyze Cam Pan restarting at random, then going offline. Bridge is attached, so all sensors go offline as well. Powering on and off doesn’t reset, only doing a complete delete and new product setup seems to work. Has happened twice in the last day.

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Yea, based on related issues with other folks, if possible, swap it a V2 (with bridge) and compare

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I only have a PAN cam. The challenge with complete delete and reset with sensors is I have to pull out from where they are stuck and fixing it back is a challenge. I hope Wyze would look into the issues.

Hard to test without another cam but the Cam Pan has caused me and others issue especially when panning with the bridge attached !

But, if you have a short USB extension cable try using that to extend the bridge away from the cam…some had problems with the cam over heating causing the bridge to over heat and go offline.

There are several threads on here with people having problems with using a bridge on the Pan due to not enough power. I only use the bridges in V2 cameras because of that. I brought the issue up with Wyze a while ago, and I’m hoping they are able to come up with a solution soon.


My bridge is plugged into a V2. A Motion sensor in the Panty working with a Wyze bulb. Also, a contact switch on my mailbox. The bulb and motion sensor works great. Unfortunately, the contact switch randomly goes off-line. It still works but has that error. Read about unplugging the bridge and reinstalling. But, haven’t gotten around to it.

I switched the bridge to the last V2 camera that I had in unopened box and set it up. It’s been working for last week. I finally was able to delete and restore the PanCam (no bridge). It worked for a few days, then went offline again. I’m going to start ticket now.

I have 8 sensors off of 1 bridge on Pan Cam. For about a year all were working until May 16 2020. Not sure what happened then. That is the last activity logged on them. I’ve had this happen 2 other times during the past year. One time I had to re-setup every sensor. The second time (and 3rd time today) they just came back after re-setting up just one sensor. The others came back after.
I read somewhere if you just pretend to set up a new sensor…Get all the way to where you ”select a cam to connect your sensor to”, select your camera with the bridge and wait for the audio prompt from the cam to just time out it will also resolve it. I didn’t verify this.

The real problem is why do they disconnect?
It would be great if there was an alert instead of noticing no alerts after 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I have the same issue right now. I’ve read the comments and done everything and my sensors and motion are still offline. I guess I’m getting rid of the Wyze devices

I was desperately hoping that Wyze fixes the issue I have with my Wyze sense. I provided all data and information received. Was following up with support in the resolution and here is their final response!!!
Can you believe that!!!

Arnie (Wyze)

Sep 16, 2020, 12:18 PM PDT

Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

We really want to help you out. However, it appears the circumstances at the moment prevent us from doing so — sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Do message us further if you have any other concerns and we’ll help you proceed. Thank you!


Arnie | Wyze Wizard

May I please have your support ticket number? I’d like to send the ticket to the team for review. Sorry about that!

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Thanks and hoping for a resolution

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I’m super sorry for my delay in getting back here! I can’t make promises but I’m sending this ticket to folks to get second opinions.