V3 camera Status light

I have three V3 facing outside through my windows, When I go into advanced settings in my iPhone app at least several times a day 1 or more of the cameras have the camera status light turned back on, this started happening the last few weeks. I cant see the status light on the camera from inside the house because they are pointed outside. Why do they keep randomly keep toggling back on within the app? I understand when there is an update this happens but when I turn them off one by one during the day they toggle back on.

I would try clearing the App Cache (in the App, go to Account - App Settings - to clear the App Cache). Next I would restart your device (phone or tablet). Then unplug the power cords for 30 seconds on your cameras and WiFi access point. Hope this helps.

I did try this with no success.
If the status light comes on without me putting it on what does that mean, can someone else be viewing ?


All of my v3 cameras have the Status Lights off and they have never turned back on their own. I would change your Wyze password and use 2-factor Authentication just to be safe.