V3 camera restarts

I’m showing 2 screens shots below depicting what I see on playback of my cameras that are set to restart at 4am. Both seem to indicate that the restart occurred however the bottom one shows a white band after the scheduled restart. Wondering why that happens.
I’ll also add that I have 3 other cams set to restart as well and they all look like the top exhibit (no white band following the restart time period.

When a cam restarts, it stops recording for the period of time required for the restart. When the cam is in Continuous SD record, it is normal to see a gap in the timeline during that restart. Here is my plug produced power cycle restart\reboot:

However, your screenshots are showing two other issues that have been appearing in the forums.

  1. The first screenshot shows no gap when you state there should be one from a restart. Other users have reported an inconsistency in the real time reporting of the timeline shading. Sometimes it takes time to load the real timeline shading or it doesn’t update the real timeline shading until the timeline is manipulated. It is not affecting all users or all cams, It hasn’t been attributed to any specific app version, OS, or FW and may be related to the data transfer speed between the cam and phone app thru the P2P connection. This would be network\ISP connectivity related as it is dependant on the WiFi Router and the ISP to secure the P2P connection.

  2. Both screenshots show No Video At This Time although the timeline is centered on a portion where it shows video should be recorded. Others have also seen this occur. It has been reported that new microSD cards are doing this recently at a much higher rate. One user found a fix in removing the microSD and reformatting it on a computer with a specific file allocation size.


Thanks SlabSlayer,
I’ll try the SD card formatting and report back…tlhutch4

Also, which way is normal, With or without the white band ?

I guess I should try formatting the SD cards with NO white band in the playback. Correct ?

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Correct. :+1:


There should be a white band to indicate there is no video recorded during the time the cam was off.

The reformatting fix I linked didn’t really pertain to the white band though.

The issue was that the video was reporting as “not available” when the timeline indicator (dark green stick in yours, red in mine… firmware difference I suspect) was at a time when there was a shaded timeline bar and there should have been video or when it was known that the cam should have been recording.

Both of your screenshots show this so I suspect both may be affected. Do the easiest accessible cam first and test results.


I also have all of my cameras set to restart in the middle of the night. Sometimes they do show the missing minute and sometimes they don’t - however if you play the video back, you will find that there really is part of the minute missing. My guess is that depending on when during the minute the restart actually happened and how fast it restored, the green bar will show the gap and sometimes not.


K6CCC, Thanks for your input. I formatted the SD cards for those cams that did not show the white bar as previously suggested. I’ll find out tomorrow if that had any effect and report back…tlhutch4

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