SD recording stops after rule-based camera restart

I have a mix of Cam Pan v1s / v2s / v3s. I have rules set up to automatically restart each camera in the morning at 1:01AM, 1:02AM, 1:03AM, and on and on for each of my eight cameras.

In recent months, after recent firmware updates, I noticed that my cameras sometimes do not resume recording to SD after the restart. In advanced settings it may also say no SD card is present. I either have to manually restart them again from within the App (sometimes twice or more), or manually cycle power. Each version of the Cam Pan has a different recurrence of this:

  • Cam Pan v1: 30% of the time
  • Cam Pan v2: 10% of the time
  • Cam Pan v3: Less than 10%

Note: My two v3 Cam Pans started doing this after the upgrade to the firmware (August 17, 2023).

A couple weeks ago I replaced all the SD cards with brand new ones (of the same kind): SanDisk 256GB High Endurance Video microSDXC Card. No change in behavior.

For years prior to 2-3 months ago, this never happened. But now the behavior persists. The only change has been firmware updates in the last 2-3 months.

All Cameras are fed power from an UPS, with no power interruptions. The SD card recording, when it happens, ceases exactly the time of the scheduled restarts.

I’m always on the current firmware and App versions.

  • v1:
  • v2:
  • v3:
  • App:

For now, I’ve disabled the rules in question.

Any ideas?