Event Recording Cam Pan v 3

I have an SD card in my Pan V 4 and have checked off event recordings. Why does this option turn itself off?

Can you doi a video to show it switching off?

Those Event Recording settings are for cloud recording, not the SD card. What you show looks normal for that, so what do you mean by that keeps turning itself off?

For SD card settings, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Record to MicroSD Card (on)
Continuous or Events-Only recording (recommend continuous)

Then you can access the SD card recordings from the cloud event’s ‘Playback’ button, or the Playback button under Live View.


Several nights ago I went to bed with Record To SD Card turned on, set to Continuous, and functioning per usual. The next morning, I discovered that sometime around 3 a.m. Continuous recording had inexplicably stopped, with no input from me (fast asleep.) Dont know why or what it means. It has not recurred since then.

Would not know how or when it switches off

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If you go to Account tab > Rules > History tab, then scroll to the date & time in question, do you see anything executing at that time?

If a rule turned a Plug off that was powering the camera, or if a rule turned off the camera itself, then that would shut down SD card recording. You might have a rule or schedule that only executes one day a week too. Might be just something you were toying with and forgot to delete.

You could also have a local schedule at the Plug that might do the same thing. For that you would need to check the Plug’s settings.


Not a Problem.

If you go where @Newshound showed and click on the Manage MicroSD Card, Can you do a format? Curious if your card got corrupted somehow.

The other thing you may want to try is to turn off the record to MicroSD Card and back out to the Live Stream. Then go back and turn it on, select continuous and see if it sticks.

Can you provide the following:

  • What Device are you using iOS or Android
  • App Version you are using
  • Firmware of your Pan V3



Thanks for that info. Actually I had just put in a new San Disk High Endurance microsd earlier that same day, just hours before this odd event occurred. Which seems sort of suspicious to me. So I formatted the San Disk again and so far every thing seems stable now …

i have 2 pan3 cams, neither will play from the SDcard. is it working for anyone with Samsung phone and no cam plus?