Cam Pan 2 Setting Help needed

My Cam Pan V2 doesn’t properly work via a schedule. I only want it to be recording incidents between certain times overnight. So under event recordings, schedule, i have put in a start and end time. It never works. It doesn’t shut off nor turn on at those times ever. If i have it powered on, it won’t shut off. If it is off it won’t power on at the start time. I am a Cam Plus Lite subscriber if that matters. I also have a micro card in the camera for recording also. Any help on how to have it turn on and off at prescribed times would be greatly appreciated.

The schedule setting under event recording is for when the camera will record an event and upload it to the cloud , record it to the micro sd card , and notify you during the time of your choosing

It will not turn the camera on and off , for you to achieve this you need to set up a scheduled rule .

In the home tab , click on the top left plus sign and choose add rule > schedule > and set the rule up how you want it to be

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


If you want the cam to be powered on and recording to the SD Card all the time, but only recording to the Cloud Events Tab during the night, this is the Rule you would use (adjust your times and days).

If you want the cam to be completely off during the day, and only recording the SD Card and the Cloud Events Tab during the night, it will look like this:

When building a Schedule Rule with Start and End times, do not include both the On and Off actions.

The Start time executes the Action, the End time executes the OPPOSITE of the Action.


The schedule setting in Event Recording doesn’t have any affect on the SD Card Recording. So long as the cam is on and the SD Recording in the Advanced Settings is on, the cam will record to the SD regardless of the Event Recording settings. The Event Recording settings only affects the Cloud Event Recordings, not the SD Card recordings.


Thank you. I will test this out.


Perfect. Thank you so much.


Well, it worked exactly as you have suggested. Thank you both.,