Cam Pan not recording "all day" even though flag is set

I have two Pan cams that are not recording events all day even though the toggle in Android is set to ALL DAY.

It seems to be recording a 2 hour window I had previously set when setting them up.

This seems to be a bug. Thoughts?

My pan-cam has a stubborn memory at times. This should clear it (?). Set it up like you want it, close the app. Unplug cam, open app. Delete/remove cam from app. Then why not, close app. Start out like it’s a new cam, set it up, and use a new name for it. Computers or any part, great time-wasters.

Do you have any rules setup? Are you letting the app connect to the camera live view before you go into the camera settings? Sometimes if you don’t let the camera connect to the app and go into settings to early, it doesn’t populate the settings from the camera correctly.

No rules. Totally blank. Yeah I’ve seen sometimes it doesn’t populate the flags or whatever. I’ve tried to set to totally different hours… No change. 11pm to midnight is all that ever shows in my alerts. About 15ish events.

Are you getting notifications through out the day? How many notifications are you getting in a day? If you scroll to the bottom of the event list, then “refresh” by force scrolling down, does more events show? The event list shows 20 of the last events at a time, then when you refresh, it’ll show the 20 before that.

I have notifications off. I don’t care to get them. Why in the world would the events page only show x most recent? The whole point is if I need to go back in time to review something right? Not just what happened an hour ago… That’s… Really dumb if that’s how it works.

Also yes you’re onto something… If I look now at 930pm it shows the previous hour of events. Pulling down to refresh still only shows an hour. What the hell how do I see ALL events?

Holy moly. If you PUSH UP from the bottom… It loads more. Now that’s a UI convention I’ve NEVER seen… Not is it documented that’s how to show older events of that day. Incredibly stupid. Just show them all!!

Thanks though. Solved.

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