CAM 2 Recording to SD Card When Turned Off

I’ve got a rule set to turn on my Cam v2 at 5:35 AM each day and to turn it off at 6:00 AM each day (around the time I leave to take my wife to work and then return home) and to record motion events only to an SD card. When I check the playback there are sometime 4 to 5 events captured about an hour or so BEFORE the 5:35 AM start time and occasionally 1-2 events shortly AFTER the 6 AM end time.

I usually check any footage in the early afternoon and there are no other events that are captured from say 6:30 AM to this early afternoon timeframe though there would be many motion events that could be captured if the camera is indeed on.

I’ve read of some continous recording issues to an SD card when the camera is supposedly off but I’m not sure how or if this relates to my situation of recording only motion events.

I believe the issue with continuous recording after the camera is turned off also applies to event only SD card recording.

I don’t know too much about this issue so I will let some others chime in, but if you truly want to ensure the cams not recording your going to want to disconnect the power. You can use a smart plug to do this automatically also, with the added bonus of being able to power cycle it remotely if needed.