Cam V2 Stops Recording Motion Activity to SD Card

My Cam2 is set to record motion to my SD card and it stopped capturing any video on its own.

What happened: a vehicle pulled up in front of my house and a person left the vehicle and walked up to my front porch to pick up an item. The video did capture the vehicle in front of the house but did not
capture the person leaving the vehicle and walking up the pathway. What gives?

How are you watching the video? Via the Events tab or “View Playback” on the camera page?

I’m using the “View Playback”

You could try increasing the sensitivity of the camera in detection settings, usually when it stops recording it’s because the camera thinks there’s no more motion. Though I haven’t used event only SD card recording so I could be wrong.

So your SD recording is set to “Events only”? if you look at the time code when the video stopped, was it ##:##:59? If set to events, only, have you thought about switching it to “continuous”?

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Thank you for the suggestion. I currently have Motion Detection Sensitivity set at 70 but I’ll increase it and see what happens.

I’ve already deleted the video so I can’t check the timestamp. Continuous recording isn’t an option for me as that would add a lot of “dead time” to the card and I’m only interested in capturing events in their entirety and from what I have read should be doable.

It is only doable if the camera can detect the motion. As in I had a strange car turn around in front of my house last year and parked just about 40 feet down the street @ 1:15 AM on morning. Since the car was out of range of my camera I did not see what they did or when they departed. I have been using continuous recording ever since to 128GB Cards which last about 11 days on a V3 in HD.


I cant tell you what to do, i can tell you what has worked for me. Most everywhere i have doubled up coverage. Where i have two cameras with overlapping coverage. Whereas i usually have one of those have notifications enabled so i know when something occurs, then on the other camera, i can refer to the continuous recording at the times the notification that the other camera gave me. I like continuous recording as i can don’t miss any of the small things that the motion detection may miss.