EVENT Recording stopped even there is continuous motion

Just realized the Firmware does not record even there is continuos motion

Camera. v2
setting is EVENT
SD card
CamPlus Lite

The motion is a cat. V2 triggered and report as motion .(ok)
After 12 sec, the event is continuoud recorded in sd card. but. the event play back shows the V2 only recorded 5 min then stopped. the green feame is still moving around with the cat at the time it stopped.

I thought the V2 should be continuous recorfing as long as there is motion?

log 519119

With CamPlus Lite the cloud events are limited to 12 seconds and a 5 minute cool down period between videos. SD card recording can be continuous or only events. If you want unlimited cloud events you need CamPlus, not CamPlus Lite.

One of mine does the same … I thought that it was something wrong with the camera! And, I have Cam Plus.

I agree the notification with 12 sec with waiting 5 min

but one would think if motion continues, the camera should continue record as part of the event until motion ceased.
The event should have not stopped in cold.

If you are talking about the SD card, then yes, it should continue recording as long as there is motion. An alternative is to set the card for continuous recording and then use the event clip to jump that point on the SD card via PlayBack.

it was sd card (set to event only) I was trying to point out.