V3 stops recording while motion is still in frame

is that a feature or is there away to keep v3 rec’ding without cam +.
it also has a tendency to start rec’ding way after motion begins, even in broad daylight.

Without cam plus events are limited to 12 seconds with a 5 min cooldown. If events are starting after motion has already been going, it could be because of the cooldown.

If you have an SD card you can enable continuous recording for free, and hop to the playback from an event


Without CamPlus, the only way to get Video Events is to subscribe to CamPlus Lite to get the 12s videos (w\ 5 min cooldown).

Without any subscription, you will only get Thumbnail Snapshot still images in the Events Tab, no video, also w\ a 5 min cooldown.

If you are talking about video recorded to the SD card when Events Only is selected, those videos are fixed length videos in 1 minute increments starting at the 00 second mark to the 59 second mark.

One way to increase motion activation early is to increase the sensitivity of the cam in the settings.

so then the cam is all about the subscription model and not about a worthwhile device at all.
When I bought my last point and shoot, I didn’t have to subscribe to anything.
It just worked and still does, and that was a decade ago,
It’s a dishonest and poorly explained business plan and I see now why Wyze is struggling.
Is it acceptable to buy a USB hub and subscribe by the month to keep it mounting?

The subscriptions are the continual revenue stream that finances the development of new products and services. However there are many users here in the forum that use their cams without subscriptions. They still get Motion Event notifications and can open those to the snapshot which is directly linked to the timestamp of the event on the full length HD video on the SD Card.

The subscriptions are value added services. If you value what they add, it is your choice if you want to subscribe.

Your cam will work as advertised straight out of the box. You can live stream in full HD, record in full HD to the SD Card and get notifications of all motion events.

However, if you want to record and save video to the Wyze Servers and have them save the video Events for you for 14 days, or if you would like to use their AI to identify People, Pets, Vehicles or Packages. Those require a subscription as those are products Wyze has developed and sells.

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