V3 Cam won't be much help if someone burgles my house!

So, The V3 cam

  • records squirrels, cats, dogs, rabbits, bugs, birds, and deer as vehicle motion.

  • If the wind is blowing I have recordings from sun up to sun down of tree shadows blowing in the wind,

  • records my wife coming home in the Subaru as a vehicle (as it should), but….

What does it do when the Amazon, FedEx or UPS trucks show up?

A: Nothing!!??? I hope no one shows up with a moving van and cleans out the house when we’re gone!!!

It used to work pretty good. I think the ‘updates’ were more like ‘downgrades’.

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I hate when that happens. I see this happon occasionally. How do they sneak by the cams? Sun is bright. Vision is clear.

Camo or Stealth mode?

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Haven’t been able to figure it out. Maybe jammers?

My V3s worked fine until the massive outage 6 weeks ago. Right after that I lost all Pet detection. I rely on the cams to alert me when coyotes are outside but they don’t do that anymore. Last night there were two coyotes right outside my door waiting patiently for me to take my dogs out. Fortunately I saw the generic Motion recordings and made sure they were gone before taking my dogs out.

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If you want to pretend that the Wyze cameras are a “security” camera, install a uSD card and set to continuous recording. Use events narrow down when something happens, but you will have the video on the uSD card.