V3 Cam Timelapse is trash

I bought this camera specifically to record timelapse videos of my plants grow cycle. I think it has worked successfully 1 time out of 10 tries. I have contacted support several times and tried EVERYTHING they suggested. It never works. Sometimes the video shows up in Album, sometimes it doesn’t. More times than not, it shows up but after setting a 7 day timelapse, the resulting video will be 2 days at best. I see many topics on this forum about this feature and I have experienced most of the issues discussed. Question is….is Wyze going to do ANYTHING to fix these multiple issues with the Timelapse feature? This past week, I pulled the SD card from the camera to try and check from my computer if my 7 day long timelapse was there. There was an h264 file that I was able to view in VLC but it was only 2 days instead of 7. I also saved all the individual files in the record folder in hopes that I could reconstruct the video. I might be able to if I find the right software, but it is going to be very time consuming. Such a shame that Wyze advertises a feature that doesn’t work reliably. Unfortunately I can’t just start over with my plants. So disappointed in my purchase. Wyze Cam V3 is trash

Not a function I use regularly, but it has always worked exactly as I expected. How large of a uSD card do you have installed?

A Samsung 512GB

Well so much for the thought that you had a tiny card. Yes, we have had people on the forum running sub-gigbyte cards and wondering why things don’t record right…

I understand you don’t use the feature often, but for me that feature is THE reason I bought the camera. It seems from perusing the forum that there are more people having issues with the Timelapse than there are people with your experience. My original question remains….when will Wyze fix the Timelapse feature so that it is reliable for those of us using it regularly.

As I said, not a function that I regularly use, but I just set up a 7 day timelapse on three V3 cameras (since that’s the camera type you were talking about). I will check on them in a week and let you know what I see. So I don’t forget which cameras, it’s my cameras 29, 33, & 40. The timelapses are schedule to end at 2116 PDT on the 9th of June.
All of the cameras are running firmware

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My firmware version is and says it’s up to date…hmmmm

Any update on your experiment?

Sorry for the delay - been dealing with my fiber internet dying - which make it hard to do much with Wyze cameras. Results later…