V3 cam pro, cat free chewable cords

We have a cat that loves to chew on cords. We buy metal charger cords which he does not chew!
We are on the waiting list for a v3 cam pro and would like to know what cat owners do to prevent their pets from chewing on the cords?

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Your post is funny and not funny at the same time, I am fortunate that my little furry clawed cuddleables don’t chew cords (they still have their own quirks), but I can totally see some cats doing that. I looked online and it seems other people have had success with the following:

  • Wrap cords in rubber covers, aluminum foil (cats hate foil), double sided tape, bubblewrap, etc.
  • Rub on, or Spray cords with bitter apple spray, citrus, vinegar paste, lavender oil, lime juice, hot sauce, spring soap, dish soap, sports liniment, menthol substances like Vicks VapoRub, almost anything that isn’t tasty.
  • Tape cords to the wall with something like Gaffer’s tape, or use little 2M cord clips to have them run along corners, etc. (this helps keep them from seeming to move, and suppresses the play instinct a lot).

I hope you figure something out as you definitely wouldn’t want them getting down to the active metal wire and hurting themselves.

Best wishes :cat2:


I thank you most kindly for your help! I’ll definitely look into the tape. (Gaffer or something like that!) I can’t see your post right now.
I will also look into the white tubes that covers them along the baseboards and walls. I forgot about that. We have tried foil too hot sauce to no avail! Our cat is stubborn! But oh so lovable!!! :black_cat:
I’m hoping the v3 cam Pro will be back in stock very soon! I was hoping to take advantage of the service prices.
Again, thank you most kindly for your assistance on this matter! Have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!