Wyze V3 Camera replacement cord

A mouse chewed through my Wyze V3 Camera cord that enters into the back of the camera. Is there a replacement cord that can be ordered or do I need to just replace the camera?

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I do not know of any replacement cord for the piece that goes inside the cam, let alone how difficult it would be to replace. However, depending where on the cord he bit it, someone may be able to strip the wires a bit and connect the cord back together and wrap it up with electrical tape so it works fine again.

It is understandable if this is not something you want to do, however, you might be able to sell it to someone else willing to do so (list it on some classifieds or marketplace or something), and get some of your money back for it that way, then you can put that money toward just buying a replacement.


Where along the cord was it chewed thru? Was it on the pigtail between the camera and the water tight connector, or on the seperate included USB cord that connects to the pigtail? Got any photos you want to share?