Replacement power cord

Please make it an option to either send out free or for customers to purchase a replacement cord. I now have an unusable camera due to cord connectivity issues and can only but the whole mounting kit, which with shipping is half the cost of a new camera. (This is the only solution chat tech had)

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Hi @ryerhenderson. Welcome to the community.

If you think that your cord should have been replaced under warranty, please post your support ticket number here and I’ll see if I can ping someone from Wyze to look further into it.

If not, there are many inexpensive USB cables available that will work. Here are a few examples:


(These are long cables, but there are several 6’ cables found around the same links.)


Thank you. Wyze Ticket 530924
My concern with getting a cord off amazon, and the chat employee said the same thing, was the potential errors it can cause to products to use aftermarket cords long term.

Many, many folks (including myself) are using aftermarket cords without problem. It’s good to use one’s that others have recommended such as the above. Also, a lot of aftermarket cords physically don’t fit into the camera, so it’s good to know which ones others have tried.

That said, I’ll pass your ticket number along to Wyze to see if they can look into why this wasn’t covered under warranty.


Watch out though I found that with the 25 foot cord it has a tendency to reboot sometimes probably lack of power Through the long cord

I have been using these two usb 26’ cords for almost a year and haven’t had a single issue with my v2 cams.

2 Pack 26FT Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam Pan,WyzeCam

I’m reaching out to the team about this but support has already left for the evening so I may not hear back tonight.

Thanks for the ticket number!