Bad power cord from the manufacturer

I just received a version 2 camera and set it up which is very easy. Shortly after, I started having problems with the camera shutting off by itself. I would have to unplug the power cord to get the camera to restart. When it restarted, the camera would not reconnect. i would have to go through the new device setup again. during these attempts, i noticed what sounded like a electrical short circuit sound coming from the camera. sometimes if I wiggled the power connector at the back of the camera, the camera would shut down. I replaced the power cord with on from my phone and the problems went away. If I unplug the camera now and plug it back in, the camera restarts and i can reconnect form the app without having to go through the new device setup. If you are having problems with the camera, I would suggest finding a different power cord. Not all will fit because the connection at the back of the camera is recessed and some connectors will not fit.

Hi, thanks for sharing out your story and let us know this. Yes, we have a batch of units which has a low percentage rate of bad cables. Yours could be one of them. We have contacted our manufacturer about this issue. From their investigation that was from one bad batch which is not a massive production issue. We will for sure keep watching the issue and resolve the issue if it ever happens again.

For your cable, please contact our support team at to have them send you a new cable for your unit. Thanks!

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I too have experienced a Bad Power Cable on my recently purchased Pan Cam v2 in March 2019.
Are replacement cables being sent out at no charge?

I contacted Wyze support and they sent one out to me at no charge.