V3 cam live view does not work correctly on IOS app using the same local wifi network

I have (8) V3 cams at home. Three of them start having issues (no data received) on live viewing when accesing the IOS app using the same (as the v3) home wifi network. If I check the live view using a different network (cellular or external wifi network), live view works perfectly. This problem started around 2-3 days ago. The rest of the cameras do not have this problem. All of them have the same firmware version ( Any ideas?

First thought is that peer to peer (may have a different name on your equipment) connections are blocked. What that does is prevent one WiFi client from communicating with another WiFi client on the local WiFi. Most Wifi access points have the ability to enable this - it’s commonly used on public WiFi systems.
The only part that does not make sense is that some cameras work and some don’t.

Other thought is that you have some duplicated IP addresses on the network - generally from some devices using static IP addresses and some device getting a DHCP address (as the cameras do). Have you recently made any changes to the home network or WiFi?

Thanks for your thoughts. I have not made any changes to the home wifi network or WiFi, There is no IP “collisions” with static IP (I do have a printer with static IP). I have done all the regular things (camera reset, camara deletion and addition, router power cycle, etc.) and the problem continues.
I will keep looking and also wait for firmware updates (for cameras and router). Again thanks for your help.

Just to follow up on this subject. After two firmware updates, it seems that camera is working without problems. Hopefully it will continue to work O.K.