Live view with two outside cam v2s

I added two Outside cams with base station to my home. I have a Cam v3 online that works great and can live view when away on cellular with my IPhone XR. The outside cams will only live view however when the phone is connected to the home WiFi. All three Cam alerts work as should on both cellular and connected to the home WiFi. Everything is up to date and on Cam Plus.

Whats happening when you try to view them away from home. You should be able to view them like any other wyze cam. Is it just failing to load?

The Cam v3 is seamless connecting to live feed in both WiFi and cellular connections. On cellular connections the outside cameras initiate the authentication process and fail after several attempts. They only show the last frame captured. As I wrote earlier, the notices come through just fine. And the sound works but the speaker is intermittent at best.

I’ve had 4 WCO since October 2020 and can access them from any place in the country with cellular. My cams are on Cam Plus Lite though. How good is the signal from the base to the cams, Ethernet connected to the base?

Yes. Connected with Ethernet and strong signal.
My Cam v3 connects just fine. Funny how the notices come through just fine but will not live view at all with cellular.

Sorry I didn’t see that they were version 2 cams before, I am using the OLD Version One cams and have no experience with the newer version. You should still be able to view on cell though???

What if your on a diffrent WiFi network (not your homes), is it the same experience as on cellular?

I have not tried that but maybe can today. Good idea. :thinking:
I did contact support and have an open ticket on this problem. They don’t know either and just submitted the log files to them. I will return the new cameras if this is not resolved.

I tried connecting to the Cams through a Starbucks WiFi last night. It did connect to a live view. It only refreshed the video frame and that was it. I did get it to take a photo one time on each outside camera. The wired Cam v3 worked great. So the differences was the outside cameras refreshed the camera’s view and just one frame. They were frozen after that. Thanks for the idea…