V3 Cam Failed

One of my original V3 cameras went OFFLINE yesterday.
I’ve unplugged it and waited then plugged in again. It appears to be dead. It’s Outside and been there about 1.5 years. Now when I plug it back in it makes a scrapping kind of noise and no lights come on. Anyone have thoughts on this ?

Have you plugged it into a known good power adapter and cord from a working V3 Cam?

I had a power adapter fail on a V3 cam last week.

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No, I have not done as you suggested above. However, I will try that this morning. At this point I’m pretty sure the camera is dead but since I’ve never had one fail in this way, I just don’t know. As I mentioned it’s been outside the entire time that I’ve owned it subjected to very cold winters and very hot summers, so I’m not surprised if it’s just dead, but would like to verify that somehow thanks.

I thought the same thing when my V3 quit. Never had one fail yet. Outside for almost a year. I plugged in a brand new V3 out of the box to the old power cord and adapter and it did the same thing. Switched out the power adapter with the new one from the new cam and the old cam lit back up like nothing ever happened.

Power Adapter was inside the whole time. It just gave up.

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Slab, You came through again. Taking your advice, I swapped out a known GOOD power adapter to the Failed V3 adapter and it “Lit up”.

Following that and for a test, I Swapped the BAD adapter to another working V3 and it failed.

I had already ordered a new V3 prior to getting your council. AS soon as the Adapter was found out to be the PROBLEM I canceled the order for the new V3.

Now, I may just order an adapter to have on hand for future issues.
Thanks and you’re the best…tlhutch4


Glad you found a solution!

But… That is 3 failed power adapters in as many days reported here on the forum… :thinking:

I sure hope this isn’t a trend.

I have several spare adapters laying around from old call phone chargers and other IoT that I use periodically so I’m not at the point where I am ordering any yet.


My v3 cameras are 1.5 years old and hardware is still working well. Here is a link if anyone needs a v3 power adapter and cord.


Ah, come on. You can ALWAYS use another camera :slight_smile:


Glad I don’t use the Wyze USB power supplies in my setup, Between the flames and failures I don’t trust them anyway.

Thanks for the link. My camera just went offline and I thought it was toast. Thankfully it was just the power source. Just purchased one. :ok_hand:



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My 1-year old camera failed also. Unfortunately I will not be able to try the cord switch on this remote unit for several months. It’s very disappointing that it occurred and great to have a potential solution. Thanks!


It’s hot in Arizona where I am and they seem to fail a lot. Note to Wyze, your power adapters can’t take the heat, please find a new source!

It’s nice that I can see that the camera is offline but if I’m on vacation when that happens I can’t be sure until I return and hear the buzzing from the camera, which is strange until you’ve heard it a few times.

Make it 4, mine failed two weeks ago.

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5 - Another Power Adapter Failure… Device was only 2 1/2 months old. Installed the cam in my back porch and the power brick is up in the rafters. It’s been really hot this summer, so I’m guessing heat killed it. The V3 is designated as an Indoor/Outdoor device so I’m a little surprised that it’s failed this quickly. If it doesn’t tolerate the heat, what’s the cold going to do to it. I wish to depend on this camera when I’m away and swapping out the power adapter is hard to do remotely…

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @spschaller! :raising_hand_man:

High heat applications seems to be the pattern here. Both of the Power Adapters that failed for me were in high heat areas above the rafters. I doubt that cold will have the same effect though.

The V3 Cam is Outdoor rated, meaning it is IP65 Weather Resistant with an operating temperature range of -5°F to 113°F. The Power Adapter it ships with, however, is NOT outdoor rated and is intended for indoor use only.

Here is a link to the Wyze Power Adapter that is IP67 rated.

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Out of curiosity, I reviewed the documentation with regards to the Indoor status of the adapter and sure enough, right there on the box it states “Indoor Power Adapter”. In retrospect, I likely missed that out of an assumption that if one part was weather resistant, all the accessories necessary for that one part to function would also be rated in a similar fashion.
As this camera has an Achilles heal, I’ll be looking at replacing it with one that is completely outdoor related, perhaps a solar model so as not to rely on electricity at all. Too bad really,… these cams work well, are conveniently sized and have a great price point. Just not really for outdoor use (as shipped).
Thanks for the conversation…

And you can never have too much cowbell,

Thanks SteveA… was just looking into these…

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