V3 Cam Failed

Are you able to have your v3 cameras inside windows looking out? My v3 cameras and power adapters are 1.5 years old and working great.

I may have to consider moving the cam. Currently, the cam faces the back of my house and can see both my back doors as well as both doors on either side of the porch. I was thrilled that it’s placement viewed everything and I didn’t require another camera.
I may give the outdoor adapter a try, but I’m still considering a solar unit. If I go with solar, I’m sure I’ll find another use, indoors. Thx.

I have almost all my cams outdoors. But, every one of them has the USB routed inside thru the soffit, vent, or other entry conduit so that the plugs are all inside. Unfortunately, this means a lot of USB Power Adapters in the attic and garage rafters. I have an Outdoor Power Adapter V1, but I have never found the need to actually use it.

Just found this thread. I’ve had 3 failures that appear to track with what’s been posted. I just tried a failed V3 outdoor on a Samsung brick and it recovered. I need to go back through my shelved cameras.
My question is: should I go with new Wyze adapters posted as for outdoors. Are they more reliable?
Thanks in advance. Joe

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jmwalker9! :raising_hand_man:

The Wyze Outdoor Adapters are a horse of a different color altogether. If weather is a concern and your AC Plug is outdoors without a weatherproof enclosure, then it is a real consideration since the Power Adapters that ship with the cams are not outdoor weather rated. If you are running the cord indoors to plug it in, I wouldn’t think the added expense of an outdoor power adapter would be warranted.

Since all mine have the cords thru the wall or soffit and are plugged in indoors, I bought some 3 Amp USB A\C adapters in bulk from Jeffy so I have them to use when needed.