V3 as a dashcam question

Hi all,
I just set up an extra v3 in my truck as a dash cam. It’s plugged into an outlet that always has power, so the cam will be powered 24/7. Does any one else have theirs set up this way? Will the camera being on all the time drain my truck’s battery? I have it set to record continuously to the sd card.


I have a V3 (dashcam) and a V2 (drivercam) in my pickup. I have both set to continuous recording, and they are plugged into a full time hot outlet. As long as the truck is driven fairly regularly, battery is not a problem.

One time, I did run the truck battery down, but at the time there were three cameras, and because I had COVID, I did not drive for an extended time. My WiFi reported that the cameras failed about 5 days after the truck was last driven.

BTW, if you have not seen it, last week my dashcam proved that the other guy ran a red light when I was involved in a traffic collision. Wyze dashcam to the rescue


Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I did see your post. Yours was one of the ones that inspired me to set it up in my truck. Thanks again