Can I take cam PamV3 with me & use it in my car?

I have the wyze pan cam V3 and want to take the camera with me in my car. I want to set it up in my car. I have an iphone 12 with a hotspot. Is there a way to set this up?I am a p.i. and want to use on surveillance in my car. I have a power source in my car, Is there a way to watch the live feed from the app on my phone? Or even my laptop?

Thank you for your help.

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You can try the following:

Start your hot spot on the iPhone, then add the camera by following the standard steps, the difference would be to select the hot spot as your WiFi source. I have used this with my Android phone, but not for an extended period of time.

Possible limitation would be that your provider will limit the bandwidth or iPhone hotspot will turn off after a period of time. I would experiment with it and see how it does first.

Also - make sure your power source has enough amps / power otherwise your Pan V3 may experience intermittent problems.

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I have run Wyze cameras as Dashcams for years. Normally they are powered 24x7 and connect to the WiFi at home or sometimes at work. That means that I can not watch in real time except when in range of the WiFi. However, a couple years ago I had a T-Mobile hotspot (with unlimited data) that spent most of it’s time powered up in my vehicle. The Wyze cameras connected just fine to the hotspot. I could watch the cameras any time that the hotspot had coverage.
Make sure that the power source stays hot all the time.


Yes. So long as your phone broadcasts the 2.4GHz band as a Hotspot. But you will need another device with the app installed. During the cam installation setup process, both the cam and the device with the app doing the install setup needs to be using the same WiFi network (the hotspot). But, your iPhone can’t use its own Hotspot WiFi network to be logged into that network. It would be in the Carrier’s 5G or LTE Cellular network while broadcasting a seperate WiFi network using the Carrier’s network for its internet.

To do this, turn on the Hotspot. Log the 2nd device with the app into that hotspot. Complete the install of the cam into your account using the app on the 2nd device. Once done, you can uninstall the app on the 2nd device, it is no longer needed unless you want to use that device to live stream remotely (see :point_down: below).

Now that your cam is on the hotspot, you can plug your cam into the car. Whenever the cam boots up the hotspot will need to be active and in range for it to operate. If it does not find the hotspot on boot up, it will not function. It must have internet connectivity at every boot up.

The SD Card recording will continue even if the hotspot is removed, however event uploads, rules, notifications, live stream, and app access will cease as soon as the hotspot is removed.

Yes. But ONLY if the cam remains attached to the internet thru the hotspot. If you take your phone away, the cam looses all internet connectivity and can’t be reached and all those functions listed above cease to exist. However, if you leave your phone in the car with the hotspot active, you can live stream the cam from anywhere in the world so long as you have a device with internet, the app, and your account login credentials.