V3 and Echo show 8 communication error

So I have had a v3 for about 3 months now, and hooked it to my echo show 8 for my wife as a baby monitor for our little one. I had it setting on a shelf and finally had a weekend off to hang it on the wall where she wanted it, I unplugged it hung it replugged it in, and now it no longer talks to Alexa. I can see it perfectly fine through my Wyze app. Alexa keeps saying check network and power supply. Which are all good. I have unplugged, reset, deleted and started over the Wyze camera, as well as disabled the skill on Alexa and reinabled, turned the show 8 off back on and even reset both devices and reconnected my Wyze account. Kinda at a loss now, I didn’t know if it was a new software update or what

Welcome to the forum @scantland10.

Sorry to hear of your issue, I have had my fair share of quirkiness with Alexa and IoT devices.

Sounds like you have done a fair amount of troubleshooting to this point.

Couple of additional thoughts you can try.

Have you tried removing/deleting the camera from the Alexa device list and rediscovering with Alexa?

When you deleted and reset the camera back up did you make it the same name?
Try deleting from the Wyze and and setting it up the camera with a new name.

Try rebooting your router if you haven’t already done so if the above does not work.


Yes, agree with @R.Good, sorry you are having these problems.

I have a couple of suggestions. You may find none helpful, but that’s why we are here right? Looking for even stupid ideas from someone else’s experience. My suggestions are less about fixing and more about things I do to reduce failures by removing possible interference.

  1. are you using an Alexa routine to trigger the camera to display? I do. Something like “Alexa Show Baby cam on Echo Show 8”. (where cameras complete name is baby cam.) Apologies for being so elementary. Example: So trigger could simply be “Alexa Baby” and runs.

  2. I encourage you to put the adapter on a WiFi switch so you can schedule the WiFi switch to remove and restore power to the adapter. Schedule the power cycle of the adapter to occur once or twice a day. Before mom want to take a look. Maybe even during the day. Note the difference in Show 8 performance, maybe it needs recycling often. The cameras don’t like the view to be directed/pulled up from more than 1 device at a time. Could be, you looking at cell phone and mom looking at Echo are a “strain”. And we don’t know how long before the first “releases” the connection, so the next can bring it up. I don’t know yet what the cool down period (I don’t know what else to call it), before I “tell” another device/cell phone to show me the view.

  3. You need not handicap yourself with a WiFi switch’s cycle to restart the camera. give it too an Alexa routine, so a command can “Restart Cam power”, when its not working. See if this helps. Nice to know we don’t need to go unplug the adapter and plug it back in. The voice or the Alexa/WiFi Switch app can restart it.

  4. Don’t use Wyze camera adapter. Its barely enough power. Get some 1.0+ such as 2.3 amp adapters for this more critical device. I have 12+ cameras. Don’t use Wyze adapters on any. Maybe higher performance adapters are making my “view” more successfully every time or more times than not. Not sure, but I do know it helps.

  5. Don’t depend on the Wyze cam off/on/shutdown to recycle the camera. “Nuthin’ betta” than taking away all its power and giving it back.

Not one of these ideas will fix it. But they may reduce the failures/hiccups to lesser inconvenience, until Alexa or Wyze purposely/accidentally fixes/makes it better,

Just my two cents.