Another Cam V3 won't work with Alexa post

Have an existing network with V2’s and a Pan Cam. All work great. Can watch for hours on Echo Show 8, Gen 1. Trying to add two V3’s to the network. They work fine on our phones (Note20U). Not so well on Echo Show. Initially, the how would connect to a camera, display for a for moments, freeze and display a ‘Buffering’ message, then disconnect. I have updated one camera firmware to current latest version - Now the Show attempts to connect, I see a message Waiting for Wyze, several times, with a different font size each time, over a blurred image from the last time it connected. The Echo Show times out(?) and responds with 'The camera isn’t responding." I went through a similar exercise with the other V3, updating the firmware to current. Initially getting the Buffering message and eventually upgrading the firmware until it did not work with the Echo Show. I also flashed this camera with the RTSP firmware, but had no joy with the Echo Show. The Wyze Skill for the Echo Show has been disabled and enabled multiple times. The houses on either side of me do not have Wifi no there is little chance of interference. I also put the second V3 on a travel router connected to my main router upstream. Still no joy. The two V3’s were initially activated on 06/11/2021 on the travel router and named Cam3 and Cam4. I used them to record sail away’s on a cruise ship and views from hotel balconies. Cam3 has been renamed Garage when I put it on the home network. Cam4 has had several names on the home network and the travel router. None of them are polite at this point. Both work well with the Wyze app on my phone and wife’s phone, Phone apps are current update levels.

I’ve searched the forums here and on reddit and have not found a solution. Everything has been restarted, disabled and enabled multiple times.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I’m sorry you have not had any responses to this. I don’t have the answer. I just encountered this issue recently myself. I found your post looking for a solution.

Good luck.

I have had 9 v3. Bought in oct 2023 and just received 3 new ones today (2/9/24) not a single one of them work with Alexa! It’s very frustrating. I had returned 3 initially and got 3 new ones and no luck. Wyze just sent me 3 more under a warranty claim and none of them work either with Alexa. My old v2 and pan cam work great- no problem!
It’s very frustrating that they say they work with Alexa but they currently do not.

I had this same issue with a few of my cameras. Alexa would not recognize them no matter what I did. Then one day I happened to change an Ai setting to turn off “Pet” detection in the Wyze App and Alexa immediately recognized my camera. Same worked for my other cameras.

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Thank you for sharing what you did! I just tried doing that but the pet detection is only for those with cam plus. I do not have cam plus. So didn’t work for me!

I went ahead and subscribed for a free trial of cam plus and it allowed me to change the settings for event recording from smart detection to all motion events and it worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Sorry all… There were no responses to this post and I ended up working in another thread. I did get the V3’s working with Alexa but was rather disgusted with the whole thing once the cameras were working, and walked away… Here is the post with what you need to do to make the V3’s work with Alexa - "Wyze live view unavailable in the Alexa app" (on Samsung Galaxy S20+) - #9 by raheenb

I don’t want to take credit for a fix that someone else found. I got one camera working, waited a couple days to make sure, then canceled the subscription, then worked on the other V3. Note - when you cancel the 14 day trial for cam plus, the subscription doesn’t fall off until the end of the 14 days. When you add the second camera your account will show two cameras on the subscription. Ignore it and cancel the trial before the 14 days. Both cameras will fall off the subscription at the end of their 14 days.

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Thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately that solution didn’t work for me for 4 of my new v3 cameras.

What did work was subscribing to cam plus for the free trial- (it’s currently a month). I only subscribed one camera and worked on that one. I made it so it had smart detection in the event recording section of the settings for the specific camera. I then turned all the smart detections off and selected all motion events. It then worked for my echo show.
Like I said before wondering if it will continue to work once my trial ends in 29 days.

Having my cameras live feed viewable on my echo show is a must and a deal breaker for me as we use them as baby cameras. Yes viewing in the app is good and all but when we have a babysitter my echo gives them and us peace of mind that they can see and hear them when they are in another room!

Is this the procedure you tried that did not work?

From another post… The instructions are: (from the linked article)

1 - first doing a complete factory reset (remove any memory card and then hold setup button for 10 seconds)
2 - Setup camera again in Wyze app
3 - Added the trial 14 day free subscription after setting up camera in Wyze app,
4 - Reboot camera in the Wyze app
wait a few minutes and then check the camera in the Alexa app…camera now works with live view.
Remove Wyze trial subscription in Google Play store

The camera appeared in the Alexa app and I was able to get a Live View. I think I added a ‘disable and enable wyze skill’ after bringing the camera back up to try to hurry things along. I haven’t removed the trial subscription yet. I’ve got some time to do that. I did check the Play Store and saw the subscription so I know where to go to kill it.

Correct! That did not work for me. I had to add a step further and go to event recording in the specific camera setting, turn on smart detection events then immediately turn it off and select all motion events. And then it worked!