Installed new V3, won't stream on Amazon Echo Show, all 7 others do stream

I just installed a new V3 camera. The Alexa app sees it, but it won’t stream on my Echo Show. I have quite a few other cameras V2 and V3 around my house. They all stream on my Echo Show. In fact I upgraded this camera from a V2 to a V3 and the old one streamed but this one doesn’t. Ideas?

Wait a few hours, days, to see if it appears. The linkage between Wyze and Echo is very slooooooooow.

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Thanks WildBill, it has been 24 hours. I installed it yesterday afternoon. Also in the Alexa app it says it won’t stream, but every other camera does (within the app). I’ll wait and see…

Recommend you disable, wait a few minutes and re-enable the Wyze Skill in Alexa. And after you do, perform a Alexa, Discover Devices, just for giggles.

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I’ve seen it take a couple of days to get working. There seems to be no normal.

I tried that a couple times, even renamed the camera thinking there might be a conflict, deleted the camera within alexa, then went through discovery, twice. It found the camera, but still won’t stream. I’ll keep waiting.

Streaming now on my Echo Show. I attached a CamPlus license to the problem camera and shortly thereafter I was able to stream on both my Echo Show and my browser. Then I reassigned the CamPlus license back to the original camera it was on and re-attached a CamPlusLite license to the problem camera. I’m still able to stream the problem camera on the Echo Show (at least for now). So far so good.

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