V2 wireless battery indoor/outdoor camera

My v2 outdoor battery camera and base station were working fine. Then I couldn’t get them to connect. I deleted them both from the app, then tried adding them again. My base station just blinks blue, even after resetting. They will not connect. I scan the QR code on the bottom of the base station, but it doesn’t list the WIFI network I am using. I’ve had them for about 2 years. Are they toast? Thanks.

Deleting the cam/base station when they are offline bricks them. You won’t be able to add them back. This is a Wyze “security” feature.

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Oh Boy. Thanks. I’ll try contacting Wyze for a solution to this. It seems extreme, to say the least.

As WildBill replied, if you deleted everything from the app while they were offline, they’re probably toast. But try reinstalling by adding via app, hold the base station reset button down until the status light turns yellow, keep pressing button until it flashes yellow, then connect your base station to your router via the supplied Ethernet cable, light should blink blue, then wait a long time for the light to turn solid blue. Ref: Wyze Base Station Setup Guide & Base Station Setup Troubleshooting

Not good. It has happened to more than one user. I did see an old post here before that the user got it to work again but I don’t know how.

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Not sure of specific order of things. I should disconnect my router, then, with the light flashing blue, press the reset button until solid yellow, then press and hold reset button until yellow is flashing, then connect router, without holding the reset button, then wait for light to blink blue, then wait a long time for light to be solid blue, then add base station new device to app? Also how long to wait for light to stop flashing? 2 hours/2 days? And what if it doesn’t stop flashing? Toast?

Order is as per link @Seapup posted above with the link Wyze Base Station Setup Guide in green letters.
I don’t know if it is toast, I just know what the waring states about deleting when not on line.

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Ok. I was unaware of the warning, and having made several efforts to reconnect, with nothing working, decided to delete and reinstall. Perhaps a grave, but innocent, mistake.

As are probably 99% of other users. I have stated here many times that WYZE should have included that warning with a note in the Quick Start Set Up Guide or as a stand alone note in the box the cam came in.