V2 Cam Stuck

Just purchased another WYZW Cam V2, and it will NOT connect to any of my 2Gz networks. I choose my 2Gz network, type my password and the camera keeps repeating “Ready to Connect” in an endless loop.

I have TWO 2Gz networks and it won’t work with either one.

I look at the app on the phone and it goes to the screen looking for the QR code after hitting “NEXT” after typing my network password. The camera keeps saying “Ready to Connect”.

I even flashed the firmware to the latest and still the problem exist.

On the phone, turn off mobile data. Make sure the phone is connected to the network name associated with the working cameras. Maybe even force close the app and reboot your phone before you try again.

Thanks Doug, I forced closed the phone app and restarted. The camera worked after that. Also let the cam sit for about a half hour before re-powering and that seemed to also help.