V2.18.16 IOS - False Positive AI Person

AI Person detection is confounded by a plant. It fails to properly identify

Submit the video to Wyze to use to help train their AI. Then the devs can tell the AI there is no person there, and the AI will start to learn that other similar patterns are not actually correct PD.

You benefit by sending in your video because it will be trained on your exact situation and landscape and make it more accurate over time. The more of these you submit and mark correctly, the better it will get for you (and the rest of us as a bonus).

The one I have a hard time with is my black cat. It used to identify all my cats as a person, but I finally got it working right on all but my black cat. No matter how many videos I submit, it still thinks my black cat is a human.

yes the video is being submitted, but your anecdote does not bode well for Wyze… Ultimately, their inability to properly detect will impact product/reputation and relegate their standing to mediocrity.

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