V2.16.23 iOS

This new version is just sloppy. It feels like an alpha, how did it get released?
Half the time the app won’t load, I’m stuck with an oversized WYZE logo and the program needs a complete close and re-open to try to get it to load the two cams I have, both V2 Cams.

When it does load the cameras I get incorrect 4;3 displays of them on my iPad Mini 5th Gen (iPad OS 14.3). Then, I tap on one of cams, and for SOME reason it’s displayed in the center of my screen. And, when I zoom, the entire window zooms to fill my vertical display, pushing the menu bar (of the app) and the icons to the edges of my screen. In landscape mode, it’s behaving the same way it did before.

There are more issues with the interface…just … I can’t EVEN right now. VERY unhappy with this ‘update’.

WYZE…come on…I was once looking forward to the V3 cams, but with their WiFi issues and now the app behaving like this … SOMETHING has to be done to clean all this up. It’s starting to feel REAL sloppy. I want to be able to support this company, I want to be able to recommend it to friends and family … but for now I am keeping my mouth shut.

Same here Rodger. I have to delete the app and reload from app store.