iPadOS App V2.21.33 ISSUE

So, another update to the app, and more issues.
Currently I have two cameras connecting with the app.
The main screen looks the same with both camera views showing. But, when I load each camera I get this:

This is the top listed camera.

This is the bottom listed camera.

So, Why is the top camera loading at the top of the screen and the bottom camera loading in the middle of the screen?

Also, the “View Playback” button moves.

Also, my battery indicator on the iPad STILL shows while plugged in with landscape view. I know I know…WYZE hates landscape views on ‘pads’ but man, this is getting rather annoying when an app supposedly has ‘bug fixes’ and all it does is introduce more.

Are cameras both the same? V2? V3? Pan?

Not to sound disrespectful of the question in any way … but why should that matter in any way? This is about multiple video streams and how the app handles placing those streams in a window. Regardless of the camera, the stream window in the app should be the same, for a consistent and user friendly experience.

But, to answer the question. Currently “Front Porch” is a V2 cam, and the “Back Yard” cam is a V3.

It shouldn’t matter but it does. I have found that for some reason the placement varies by the type of camera.

Two cameras-first is V3

Second is V2