Multi view on iPad confusing

When using your iPad in landscape mode you get four spaces for cameras. This is pretty much industry standard for a tablet. Then when you swipe to the side from one page to the next you get spaces for four new cameras. Again this is pretty much industry standard for tablets. Even if on the second page you have three cameras it would only pull up three and have a blank space or if you have only pull up one camera on the 2nd page there would be 3 blank spaces.

But Wyze has a bit of a bug. When you swipe the two cameras on the right move with this swipe to the next page. Personally I would prefer the industry standard where the four cameras stay on the first page and when I swipe to the second page if it’s only one camera then it’s only one camera with 3 blank spaces. I’m wondering what everyone else thinks about this? If they like those cameras moving or if they would prefer that they react like the industry standard?

Oh, I see. It’s like you’re moving two cameras at a time. If you had 8 cameras you would have to swipe twice.

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You’re very welcome. Now which way do you like do you like my way where it’s for cameras that are on one page and they stay on that page or do you like that the cameras slide with the pages as the pages slide?

Definitely the industry standard where the cams stay on that page, it just seems intuitive that way and awkward the way Wyze does it.

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I agree. A lot to be said about consistency.

If I had 6 or 10 cameras I wouldn’t mind the way it is. :slight_smile:


Well you’re wrong. :joy:

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I just like consistency. And just about every camera maker I know does it the otter way. So going from system to system or app to app I like the operations to function the same or similarly.

But we are all different and want different things or like different things.

Since I have 8 cameras I guess I’ll agree with you. :slight_smile:

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How do you get iPad multi camera view? I cannot get ipad to run Wyze app horizontally at all.

See I told you before the guy with the name of Angus black is a smart person. :cow2: :cow:
Can you believe out of all of the emojis they didn’t have a black Angus cow emoji. What has this world come to? :rage:

All you should have to do is turn your iPad horizontally as long as you don’t have the horizontal lock on. And then create a group for your cameras.

If you need any other assistance with the iPad or with creating a group just let me know and I’ll step you right through it

Seems flaky. I’m aware of the rotation lock, but the app opens in vertical only, then I have to steps through opening Group before I can see anything in horizontal. The app doesn’t play well with IOS 13.3.1

It’s playing just fine with 13.3.1. You always have to open the group before you can see the cameras. And they are working on having iPads to always be in horizontal orientation but they haven’t gotten there yet. So you open it in vertical view and then just turn it. So it’s working just fine