IOS landscape live view not centered

Is there a reason why the live view in landscape mode on IOS (iPad) is not centered? It’s being displayed from the bottom 3/4 of the way up. Working fine on Android…


I guess you are talking about the evil black bar at the top?


Yes this just appeared on our iPad view. On Samsung phone… no issues. What the heck?

I notice this as well and think it has to do with the display size. To completely fill it in the video would be stretched vertically. I think Wyze should have at least centered the video with black at the top and bottom. It doesn’t appear on my iPhone, just my iPad.

It was always centered before. Did an IOS update the night before and noticed this the following morning. Not sure if it’s a coincidence…the new landscape view just looks weird. Hope it’s fixed in a future update.

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The V3 Pro view seems to look ok???

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That’s the way it should look, My V3 and V2 look like the other pic you posted

Was this recorded video or Live View? Because on my iPad recorded video is centered like your picture shows, but Live View is like the picture before yours with the space above the video.

The first picture I posted with the yellow ??? is a screenshot of a V3 Live view. The second picture I posted is a screenshot of a V3 Pro Live view.

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Oh okay, so the issue is V3 vs V3 Pro then? Are you pictures with an iPad? I have a few V2’s and checked them as well and they also have that gap at the top, like the V3’s. Seems like this could be an easy software fix, if Wyze wanted to do it. But I’m not holding my breath and it should have been something they caught before releasing this update.

Yeah, this triggers my OCD.

I’m using an iPad in landscape mode to view live video and I’m experiencing the same issue.

Currently on iPadOS 16.5 and using Wyze app version with Wyze App about version being 2.42.1(1)

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Yes the pictures are from a 4th gen iPad Pro 12.9 with iOS 16.5.


It’s doing the same gap at the top in landscape mode with recorded video using the Wyze app on my MacBook Pro. Why hasn’t Wyze fixed this yet?!

Same issue with my iPad 5th gen and latest iOS version.

Since I use my iPad in landscape mode, the rotation of the home view seems to snap back to portrait mode when viewing other cameras after going full screen. The whole experience after going to landscape mode is weird, cumbersome and not friendly. Please take the time to fix this!

So, I’m now on iPadOS 16.6 (20G75), Wyze app version with Wyze App about version being 2.44.1(1) and the problem has gone away for my regular V3 cams.

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