OG live landscape image incorrect on iPadOS os but works fine on iPhone iOS

Today replaced my v3 with an OG. During setup i verified landscape works fine on my iPhone. Later when i looked at the live image on my iPad, i noticed the image is scaled wrong. about 20% of the image on the left and right are not shown. I can scroll the image to the left or right to see the video really is there, but the entire image is not shown… Normally in landscape mode, there will be black bars on the bottom and top of the image because entire image as it is wider than tall. It looks like this isn’t happening on iPadOS with OG (it does work with my v3 cameras). Again, this also works fine on iPhone/iOS with either OG or V3 cameras. One other note, event videos DO show correctly on the iPAD just the livestream video is incorrect.

This is a known issue, could you tell me your iPad model and screen size so Wyze can narrow down what it effects.


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It is a 2020 12.9 inch iPad Pro (4th generation) running iPadOS 16.2. The Wyze OG is running 10.54.

The actual screen resolution is 2732×2048 px (264 PPI).