V3 Pro only - Aspect ratio wrong on iPad in live View

I didn’t see this specific problem posted, but the V3 pro aspect ratio is wrong on my iPad when in landscape mode. Instead of putting black bars on top and bottom like it does with the V3, it fills the screen which cuts off the sides of the video. I only see most of the date and the time is cut off with the rest of the image ends. Event viewing is also cut off in landscape.

If I select take photo, it does save the full image just fine. the V3 doesn’t have the problem.
The app is up to date - 2.38.4 (3)

I have the same problem on my ipad pro. Cuts off the time on the right and the wyze on the left. Like it is zoomed in.

Yeah, it’s definitely a bug with the Pro. There’s a beta firmware for the pro that came out yesterday, but the problem may be in the app and not the camera firmware. I haven’t tried the beta firmware because I stopped using the beta program a couple years ago, so I don’t know if it helps or not.

This is a known issue, Wyze is looking into it.

Could you tell me what iPad model and screen size you have? Thanks!

My iPad is doing the same. iPad Pro 4th Generation 12.9 inch.

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I have the iPad Pro 10 inch. Works just fine on my iPhone.

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I have the 9.7 inch iPad 6th generation. As mentioned though, the V3 displays live landscape just fine, it’s only the V3 Pro with the problem which leads me to believe it’s the app.

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Yea it’s definitely the app, we’re just trying to narrow down what devices it effects.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info. Yes we also notice this issue. Will talk to the dev team.

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Having the same problem with my new Wyze Cam Pan V3.

I wonder if the OG has it also. I have one, but haven’t set it up yet. It seems to be the newer cameras.

Same problem with OG telephoto.

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Has this been addressed yet?

This should be fixed in beta, so once the app finishes beta it will be released to everyone.

Oh, good news, thanks!

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Yes, finally! Plus the daytime streaming issue seems to be totally fixed now which is great.

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Looks like it has been fixed! :grinning:

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