Video on iPad letterboxed as of latest firmware


Installed firmware version:
Still fullcreen on iPhone so not sure what the issue is.
I restarted iPad and app. powecycled the camera.
No joy.

There is a recent app update. Have you updated?

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Yes I have the latest version of the app. Maybe uninstall and reinstall?

I’d try deleting the app cache first and if that doesn’t work, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Restarted cam after clearing cache nothing changed. Thanks.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You will have to login to your Wyze account again once you do so.

Didn’t change anything, Durnit!

At this point, go on your iPad and submit a ticket with logs to the Wyze support team. They may be able to help more.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Maybe @Loki knows some more tricks.

Sent report and logs.

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Sweet thanks.

What version of the app are you running?

In the new releases that are in beta, the video format is being changed to maintain the actual aspect ratio of the camera. In previous versions, the video was stretched to fill the screen, but there were lots of complaints about this distorting the appearance.

So, depending on the aspect ratio of your device, you will see black bars in the latest app and firmware versions. For example, running the beta, I now see top/bottom black bars on my iPad Pro when in landscape. However, I do not see them on my iPhone 7Plus. This is because the iPhone’s aspect ratio matches the camera, while the iPad’s is wider.

If you are not running beta app, you may just be caught in an in between state while the firmware is being updated.

2.2.21 My old eyes appreciate larger(stretched) images.

Will that be an option to stretch it in the future if someone wants to do so on iPad?

I seriously doubt it. There were lots of complaints about the stretch.

However, it really shouldn’t be needed. First of all, stretching doesn’t really help with low vision issues or seeing more detail since (1) the pixels are the same, and (2) it is only stretched in one direction.

If you want to see a larger view, you use the pinch to zoom gesture or double tap the screen to zoom in and out.

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Makes sense. I could see where on the larger devices it appearing at 360 when SD is stretched to fit. (Theoretically)

While I appreciate letterboxed movies to retain aspect ratio, that’s
not desirable for security cameras. I watch from across the room for
deliveries etc. and zooming in doesn’t aid that.

Thank you VERY MUCH for the letterboxed version on the iPad Pro 12.9" which makes it sharp and clear without the previous distortion of stretching!!! This is what we have been asking for in the past, and you listened . . . next, please make the cameras accessible on my 15" MacBook Pro . . . :sunglasses: