V1 Motion Sensor Rule Question

I created a rule with a V1 motion sensor to trigger the siren on a V3 Pro camera upon motion at night. It turns out the V1 Motion sensor is too sensitive, and it goes off way too often, mostly when cars drive by at night. I noticed when creating a “Device & Service Trigger” rule when selecting a V1 motion sensor as a trigger, there is an option called “Has Detected Motion For” and you select hour/minute/seconds. I tried to use 1 second, 2 seconds, and three seconds, but it never went off. How exactly is this useful for a V1 motion sensor? Was it designed for the V2 motion sensor?
Is there a way to adjust the V1 Motion Sensor sensitivity?
I guess I could use the AI person/pets setting on the v3 Pro camera itself, but I cannot figure out how to orient the camera to get the field of vision I want and the motion detection I need.
I have Cam+ Unlimited, so that should give me more tools that “could” help.
It would definitely be helpful to be able to turn down the sensitivity on the V1 motions sensor.
Thanks very much!