V3 missing motion

My V3 looking at my driveway has started missing vehicles and people lately. Is it the snow on the ground or is sensitivity setting of 40 too low? Even when it does see the motion it is only for short blips. Vehicle backing into garage triggers for 1 sec maybe. UPS driver walking to porch only triggers when almost out of frame. Did not pickup Propane truck pulling into driveway and driver dragging hose completely across the frame and back.

Cam V3
motion detection sensitivity set to 40(default?)

Play around with the sensitivity. I had my v3 cameras set to 75 and one was missing motion like yours. I am currently testing mine on 90. Hopefully you will find the sweet spot of catching all wanted motion and avoiding false triggers (like tree branches waving).

I walked out in the driveway while watching the cam and had to up the sensitivity to 90 to detect me across the entire field of view. Although now I get tons of false detects of shadows and tree movement. I feel like the detection worked a lot better even at 40 up until one or two firmware updates ago. Now I found that not all motion detections are generating notifications. A car pulled in, camera tagged motion on it, never got a notification, 2 minutes later a shadow moved and I get one ,