Missed it by that much! (V3 cam missing motion events)

So…lately (the last few weeks), I’ve noticed that my V3 cams will sometimes miss events that happen in plain sight. More accurately, its clear that the camera sees and detects the motion, as I can easily watch the event when viewing it on the SD card (the green tracking box is there).

But the only way I knew to even look for it is that I have partially overlapping coverage with an OG cam. The event (a vehicle driving through the cul de sac) is listed in the Events tab by the OG cam, but there is no corresponding event in the list for the V3 cam which should have detected the same vehicle/motion. Check out the time stamp at 8:42 am in the attached screenshot and the image from the V3 sd card that I snapped while the sd card footage from the same time was playing.

Any ideas why the V3 actually sees the event but does not list it in the Events tab?

If you remove all your filters in the event tab, does the video show up? What is the sensitivity settings of that v3? For troubleshooting I would crank the motion sensitivity to 100 and then back it off from there to a happy place of your choosing based.on the revieced events.

I’d say it “sees motion”, but without knowing your detection settings it’s hard to say if that breaks your sensitivity threshold to be considered an event to be uploaded.

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Thanks for checking in. I have no filters set for the Events list and the sensitivity settings are maxed out. Also, I have no detection zones set for that particular camera.

I have a bunch of V3 cams and have done a lot of testing with various sensitivity ranges all the way from down at 25 to all the way up at 100. 100 seems to work best for this camera, which is located at the front of my home over the garage door pointed at the cul-de-sac. It’s generally pretty good at capturing all vehicles, people, and critters that come by the front of my home. It’s just that once in awhile it will completely miss an event that my OG camera does capture.

Not a huge deal, but I only know about it because the OG cam happened to capture something that should have been captured by the V3 . It leads me to suspect that my other V3s, which do not share overlapping coverage with other cameras might be doing the same thing and I just never knew. :thinking:

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