Using Wyze Cam for other things than a security cam

If you have tried using the wyze cam for anything other than a security cam please let me know what you did with it and how to worked for you?

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Weather time lapses, keeping track of cat food, evidence of which cat missed the litter box, plant growing time lapse.

Check out the Captured by Wyze forum section to see what others have videoed with their cams.


I used painters tape to attach a camera to an electrician’s fish tape which I then shoved up the vent for the clothes dryer so I could inspect that vent and see if I needed to have it professionally cleaned.


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Below are links to other ways I have used the V2 camera. I keep two spare cameras, already set up and ready to use, on standby for special use.
Wyze camera helping to aim an analog camera

Wyze (camera) rover

NeighborsSharing Camera Views

Helping me work on the car. My mechanical helper

I hope this will give you some ideas?
Victor Maletic

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I use one to watch for squirrels eating my fence. I have one I can slap onto a battery bank to watch whatever. Say I’m charging a battery out in the garage, for instance.

I’ve also done time lapses, like of the trimming of trees on my property, or the installation of doors, sliding glass and otherwise.

With the increased starlight sensor of the V3 I may use the battery bank one to watch the sky for meteors when the sky is clear. The cam notification system should tell me when it has seen one, and I don’t need to freeze to death laying on my back waiting, lol.


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Aside from using the camera for purposes already listed, you can also use it as a webcam. There’s some bugs but it does work if you set it up properly.