New usage for Wyze Cam

I needed to run wire down a wall from the attic and it was just me. No one could help me. So I set up my Wyze Camera so I could see where I needed the wire to come out. While I was in the attic on my stomach pushing the wire through the Wyze app I saw the wire at the bottom hole. When I came down from my attic, I could pull the wire through.

It saved me from going back and forth!


Welcome to the community @dschtx!

Interesting story. I have purchased a couple of “endoscope” style cameras for similar projects that never really worked out for me. Glad you were able to find an additional helpful application for the Wyze camera.


Good use!
I’ve used mine similarly when I need a second set of eyes to see when a light turned off while flipping circuit breakers that aren’t labeled detailed enough.


That is nice, I can use for that also