Using Wyze Cam as another pair of eye - around a corner

I hope this does not get me in trouble with mods. I posted part of it in another thread, but It might not get the visibility that could help someone else. So, here goes.

I was working on my refrigerator and had it pulled out from the corner. I could not get behind and down to see under it because of a kitchen cabinet. I needed to see under and turn a nut, but I could not see around the side of the unit. And then I thought, get your spare V3. I used a longer cable plug power in and then sat the camera around the side and under the fridge. I had my iPad propped up on a stand and I could see the image on the iPad from the camera that I could not see in person. Wow, worked great. Now, I have another handy tool in my bag o’tricks when I can’t directly see the object I am working on. I hope you find this useful.


I have done similar several times. Works pretty well.

Using an electricians fish tape, a small power bank, blue painters tape, and a Wyze cam, I created an inspection camera that I was able to shove up the dryer vent about 10 ft to make sure the dryer vent was not blocked with lint.

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