How do you get the most out of Wyze Cam?

How are you getting the most out of your Wyze Cam? I have a Wyze Cam and I really want to like it more then I do. I think it is a very interesting product but I’m not a big fan of it needing to record the whole clip before it sends an alert something is happening. It only gets worse with full motion capture as it records the full motion before a notification. I got this camera specifically to k ow when my dog is up to trouble, not after the trouble is done.

So how are you using your cams? What new purpose could I set mine up to? Am I missing something?


We have three cams in various angles out in the barn to keep an eye on the horses and such.

My wife installed two at her mom’s house to keep an eye on her mom (for example, if she were to fall).

We have a number of security cams, but they’re not Wyze.

Have a friend who uses two Wyze Pans to keep an eye on the puppies in their backyard.

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