What's your favorite WyzeCam feature?

Why did you buy the WyzeCam? Which was the feature that was the most attractive to you? Tell us! :slight_smile:

I really love the time lapse feature! I can’t wait to test it out on some creative projects!

All of them, and I am excitedly waiting for even more.

Livestream so I can check in and talk to my kids from work when they are reading books in their room :slight_smile:

All of them, but livestream the most. My wife is an invalid, and I can check up on her from wherever I am,


I bought the WyzeCam primarily for package delivery security (which has worked out well and kept UPS and USPS honest about delivery times - yes, I’ve called them on some bogus “it’s been delivered” messages.) However, the WyzeCam has a lot of great features that are exceptional for the price point. I love the full 1080p, the night vision, the motion detection warnings, two way voice, and the time lapse. If I had more free time I could be doing more creative things with it but my two wonderful grandchildren come first so creativity will wait for another time.

It’s a toss up between motion detection/alerts and live stream.

I have a teenage son who comes home after I go to bed and for some reason manages to forget to close the garage door. When I get a motion alert that he’s home, I use live stream to check if he closed the door.

My favorite feature: 20 BUCKS!


Live stream. Nice to be able to check on my house from anywhere, anytime.

I haven’t bought one yet, but at this price point I’m dying to see you guys add RSTP. When RSTP is available, I will purchase.

I don’t need sound, motion, or the cloud. High quality video with a tiny cost and RSTP support are the only things that matter to me. If RSTP becomes a feature for these and they are stable, I can start offering them in my consumer offering of Hik cameras for consumer grade surveillance systems.

I’ve always wanted something like this that I can attach a battery pack and a solar panel to for truly wireless, inexpensive camera installations. The closest thing I have ever found is Dagro cameras. While I have made this work, Dagro has no interest in RSTP though and can not support wireless PSKs with special characters like $ # !

The quality and NO LAG of the live stream! It’s amazing. I’ve had several brands of cameras, and this just blows the others out of the water.

AL of them, but the motion detection and video quality are amazing. My actual favorite feature is that the alert for smoke or CO2 as even when I am not home, I can be assured my home is safe. (Gwen may remember my tamale story from FB) I love that I can check on my fur babies when I am out- and even sometimes can talk to my hubby :slight_smile: