How many WyzeCams do you own?


At $19.99 each, we’ve seen some community members use more than 1 around the house. How many WyzeCams do you have, and where do you place them around the house?


I have a WyzeCam watching my living room and front door, one in my home office to help watch my cat, and one pointed at my puppy’s kennel to keep an eye on her when I’m gone. I love the convenience!

I have one in the office (featured frequently in Tips On Tuesday videos) that generally points at my moss ball, Frederick, and one at home checking on my furry beasts. The cats seem less impressed with the 2-way audio than my partner is!

1 front door, one garage, one crawl space, one home office, a few in office.

Kids rooms and front door!

Twelve… they are all over the place.

2 now. In the front hallway and upstairs hallway. I’d have more but they’re on backorder!

One in my home-office and one watching the front door of my house.

One for the front door entryway. One that takes an overview of my studio apt.

Twelve… they are all over the place.

That’s a lot! How many rooms do you have? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a lot! How many rooms do you have? ?
Two pointed outside, two in garages, and the other eight in seven rooms.

I received the last four today, for a total of 12. One in the living room, one monitoring the rear French doors and breakfast room, one in the family room, one in the music room, one in the hallway, one in the master bedroom, one in the hall, one in the shop, and will be installing the rest in outbuildings and covered front and rear porches.

The shop one is interesting! It’s 100’ from the house, and in an all metal building, and gets an excellent picture!

nice! show us a photo of your shop!

works well for small studios, eh? :wink:

We’ll have them back in stock soon enough!

One in the living room and one on order for kitchen. This will cover the downstairs. Trying to get daughter to get several too. My one question is there anyway to get a better look out the windows with the glare?

<span style="color: #000000; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;">My one question is there anyway to get a better look out the windows with the glare</span>
How about a polarized filter such as this:

You could tape it to the front of the camera after trimming to match size. Not sure if it would make the view too dark though.

Only 1 so far, but I just ordered a second one. Using both to watch my shop while I’m away and to remote monitor jobs running on a CNC machine (while I’m nearby, but in a different part of the shop).

18 cameras


If they ever make an outdoor version, that number will certainly go up!