How many Wyze cams do you own?

Thought I’d start a poll to see how many Wyze Cams everyone has and why.

I have 1 Wyze Cam v2. Got it because I wanted a camera to watch my carport and driveway for deliveries. It wasn’t important enough that I wanted to spend a couple hundred on a security system, but using an old Android phone with an IP cam app was too unreliable. Found the Wyze Cam while searching review sites for a cheap, reliable camera. Now I have plans to order 2 more once I work out sources of power and outdoor protection.

Nine. Seven V2s and two Pans


I wanted to keep an eye on everything while I take a trip, Started with a v2 to try it out ,Now I have 6 v2’s and one pan cam , some are inside, but now I keep an eye on the outside all the time.

Four. One v1, two v2, and a PanCam.

I have one of my v2 outside in a protected area with no other “outside-ation”, it has been there for two months now and has not gone offline.

I use the Alexa integration on my Echo Show and Fire TV Stick (after it finally upgraded to the version that works with Wyze, only took Amazon a month to determine me upgrade worthy).

I will buy more IF Wyze makes it so the App can view multiple cameras at one time and even more if they make an outdoor and doorbell version. I have tried all the ways mentioned here; TinyCAM Pro is not reliable, and the Android emulators for PC are resource hogs and also not reliable.

Wyze Cams far exceeds anything out there that is less than $300.00. I have five Ring products, and Wyze gives them a run for the money.

18 V1’s, 1 V2, 1 Pan.

These are split between two locations. I can monitor them from my phone no matter where I am. Love these cameras.


Still working out how many I need - but for now: 1v1, 2v2, and 2 Pan Cams.


I have a PAN and 8 V2s. I have 4 V2s outside and the rest inside. I also have 3 V1s in a draw which I upgraded to V2s. At this price point I had no concerns replacing the V1s with V2s. I really love these cameras!

7 total in two homes

Just bought my fourth one.

Currently 6
5 Building Cams
1 Auto Dash Cam



Two v2 cameras right now. I will purchase 6 more when RTSP support is enabled.

I’ll also be bringing several over to my friends in the UK when I go visit them over summer :slight_smile:

I have 3, all pan. Each with 32gb sd cards

Update: I now have 13. Bought four more V2 cameras a few months ago…

I have 2 v2s and 2 pans. Looking to add a few more.

1.9 Cam Pan here. Just about to plug in the second one any moment now. :roll_eyes:

I have two but monitor three. We live in a condo complex and in a quad unit semicircle. I have one that monitors my driveway and my neighbors on the left. My neighbor on the right has one that monitors his driveway and the other neighbor on the right. Mine will also monitor the driveway across the street. My other camera is in the grange and monitors both doors.

The cool feature is that I am gone to Florida for the winter but when I pulled up the cameras to check for snowfall I saw my neighbor walking his dog and had a conversation over the camera.

Currently I have my home monitored internally by several cameras that connect to a DVR so I have a continuous recording over many months. I can also monitor it over the internet. If Wyze ever makes the cameras able to connect to a DVR I may just change all my cameras to Wyze.

Over 35 cameras
5 in my parent’s house
6 in my rental place
7 in my grand ma’s
4 in my aunt’s
6 in my cousin’s
2 in my counsin’s office
4 in my mom’s friend’s house

And I still have an order of 8 that are being shipped right now by amazon.
now I only need to be able to decode how to connect to the camera to sync the videos and set a DVR

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50 2 v2, 3 pancam
plus 5 arlo pro2 (yak) which I took home after selling moms house and moving her to assisted living.

Looking forward to replacing the arlos when the batcams are introduced.

One Pan, two V2s for a total of 3

Have 5 V2 cameras now. All with 32gb cards.