Using Wyze Cam as a Video Messaging feature

Greetings to all Wyze Cam Fans:
I would like to submit this Wish as to using the Wyze Cam as a Video Messaging feature.
It is difficult to write out the idea so I made a video that is on Youtube.
Take a look at the Video: Wyze Cam Video Messaging Wish feature - YouTube

Please submit your vote for this Video Messaging feature.
Thanks Robert

We’ll keep an eye on this post! But this probably won’t happen because video messaging would probably require person-to-person connections through the Wyze app and that’s not a direction we’re looking into at this point.

This is an interesting idea. Not sure if it would work though.

Video calling or temporary video/audio sharing feature allowing in APP (or supplemental app) use of 1 (or multiple) video feeds would be an incredible feature.

Integration with 3rd party apps traditionally used for video calling may be more difficult but android/IOS/Chromecast/FireTV support for a WYZE based video calling function would be a tremendously useful (and likely marketable) feature.

I have been searching for a solution to allow use of the existing Wyze cameras (and Mics) in my home as a tool for video calling.

A friend had demonstrated the basic idea using a PC and 1080P webcam in his living room and the difference was striking to me compared to using a phone to video chat. The result of the call feels so much more like being in the same room with the person your talking too. Left it up during a party connected to another friend of ours on the other side of the country and it was so cool what happened. Spontaneous conversations of people just walking into either living room and saying “hey bill” to someone on the other end of the call (and country) as though they were standing in the same room happened all evening. It was almost surreal how effectively the normally dormant living room television became a window bridging thousands of miles.

Personally I have greatest need for this feature as a way to more naturally and easily keep in touch with my family (living in several states) and in turn allow them to regularly see and interact with my 2yr old son.

The basic setup would/could look as follows:

Wyze Cam contact image (PiP w/ caller ) on living room TV (via chromecast or FireTV, or Smartphone screen mirror who knows!)

Wyze’s app already allows for the kinda of video sharing required for this feature to work, (and can stream to multiple devices at once per my understanding) it is just not formatted with this use case in mind.

System could simply grant temporary viewer permissions to the “call” recipient which would terminate w/ the end of the session.

I can think of tons of sub-features which could make this a seriously desirable functionality and one which (since i’m writing about it here as a request) I’ve not seen available in ANY other product even close to the price point of Wyze’s.

I hope this idea for a new feature / function catches on and would LOVE to discuss w/ others to hone the idea into something with a shot at integration into an upcoming APP/firmware/hardware release.

I’d be the 1st in line to fund the effort.

Thanks for taking a look! The thought was that if it is possible w/ existing functionality within the app to temporarily share the cam live feed (unsure about audio but believe it works) this could be accomplished by automating the peer access approval to a given cam. Not a “call” as much as it would be similar to joining a video call / teleconference.

In this case it wouldn’t be a peer to peer feed as much as peer to server access function. Of course the functionality in the app could be tailored to approximate a “calling” appearance if desired.

To clarify, the functionality would require a Wyze cam on BOTH sides of the “call” to function. Broader integration w/ existing apps/services which offer video calling becomes less of a clear execution path.

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Thanks for the detail! :smiley:

Your idea does sound really cool. :slight_smile: