Multi Camera Broadcast / Announcements

We need a multi camera broadcast PA system. Same as google home but need to make multi camera announcements.

The speakers are loud and we need that feature.

I would think that’s a software fix.

Hi Randall,

I have accepted your submission into the wishlist. Just want to clarify what you’re asking for: You would like the ability to speak to the Wyze app and have that spoken content broadcast (as in Google Broadcast) or announced (as in Alexa Announcements) to all or a group of the Wyze Cams on your account. Do I have it right?

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Yes that would be great. So I have google home in every room and the broadcast feature is terrific.

Now even though your cameras are indoor cameras considering the locations of where most people use them imagine how great it would be to be able to broadcast to all the cameras. As in voice out to all with a broadcast button to
a group.

Would be a software update and an amazing feature.


Randall Press

FYI @Loki is a forum volunteer (extraordinaire) and is not a Wyze employee. The forums are mainly user to user but there are a few Wyze employees around, which can be identified with “Wyze” in their forum username. :slight_smile:

In other news, I voted yes so that I can confuse my cats :slight_smile:


I’m in. I think it would be a nice feature. And I only have one cat!