Using v3 cam to monitor liquid level

I’m trying to figure out if I can use v3 cam to send an alert if the liquid level in a translucent container drops before a certain level.

About the only way I can see doing that is IF the liquid has a turbulent surface, you might get the camera to detect the motion if you set the motion detection grid to only detect the motion at the desired level. And that’s only a maybe…

Hello wmshad,
My thought about how you may make your liquid level detector work with a V3.
Place a brightly colored floating object on the surface of the liquid, such as a ping pong ball. Set up the camera so that it only sees the container of liquid. In the camera’s settings place the sensing zone below the operating level of the liquid. When the ball shows up in the image due to a drop in level, the camera should detect it?

Victor Maletic.

I thought about that. The issue would be keeping the ping pong ball in the same location plus it contains chlorine. I think I’ll check to see if a can buy a food grade container with a level on the side.

Thank you!

Maybe the ball can be corralled with a PVC mesh tube?